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Tisha B'Av


Wednesday - July 26 

5:15 PM - First Mincha
7:40 PM - Second Mincha

8:15 PM - Arvit followed by

Tisha B'Av program

8:18 PM - Fast Begins

Thursday - July 27

8:30 AM - Shacharit followed by

Eicha and lamentations

5:15 Movie about the Beit Hamikdash
6:45 PM - Mincha with Tefillin and

Torah Reading

8:20 PM - Arvit

8:55 PM - Breaking of the fast

(those who have to be lenient)
9:04 PM - Breaking of the fast

(those who can be strict)


   El ayuno del dia nueve de Av is a very important day as we are commemorating the destructicn of the temple and the exile of our nation. Please join us to learn and internalize the message of this day an·d time. It is not proper to work on this day although not prohibited for someone that cannot do otherwise. Our sages have taught that there is no blessing from the work of the 9th of Av. 

   The prohibitions are:

  •  Eating

  •  Drinking

  • Marital relations

  • Using oils for pleasure

  • Wearing leather shoes

  • Coming into contact with water except if one became dirty

  • Upon seeing each other greetings are not said.

  • We sit on the floor till Midday.


Those who commemorate the mourning of Jerusalem·and our nation merit to celebrate in her rebuilding and our redemption soon amen. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of this day you may look at

(Tisha B' Av and the Three Weeks)

(Tisha B' Av y las tres semanas) 

Please come in weekday clothes and without wearing leather shoes. We will be sitting on the floor so please bring comfortable clothing and although it is warm weather some are sensitiv􀀡 to the AC so dress appropriately. It is also suggested to bring a pillow or cushion for those that will not be comfortable on the floor. 

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